This is my first attempt to put the data I collected from my grandfathers and others relatives regarding our family history on the web. 

I would not dare to say I am doing Genealogy myself, yet. So far I, am only transferring all the paper work and different materials into a digital form.

The program "The Master Genealogist" is a perfect tool for that.

On the left you can see the heraldic figure of our family, clicking on it will bring you to the Genealogy page with the links to more details of the family members.

For living person I restricted the data to name and date of birth.  Please let me know, if you have a problem with that (email).

In the moment the data for the Rudolph line of the family are quite complete, the other branches are still under construction. Also the additional information, e.g. occupation etc., is permanently updated.

If you have information, data or pictures regarding  the family history of  any of the mentioned or unmentioned persons, I would be grateful, if you would contact me (email). I can also provide additional information and data.

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